There are some HVAC scammers out there in our community

There are some HVAC scammers out there in our community and it’s been getting bad recently.

There are a few guys around here in a couple of neighboring towns and they are really doing a number on some of the elderly people who live around here.

It makes me so mad whenever people are trying to prey upon the elderly to trick them or extort money from them! Unfortunately, That’s what has been happening around here over the past several months. I don’t know why the police have not been able to catch them yet, but I guess they are really good at quick getaways. My friend Elmer from down the street told me that these guys were at his house a couple of weeks ago. He said that they were in a white work van, just like one that you would see your local heating and cooling company employees driving around in. He told me that one of the guys got out of the van and came to the front door while the other two walked around to the backyard. All three of the guys had on HVAC uniforms, but they weren’t from any HVAC company that Elmer had ever heard of. He said that they looked legit, but they were just scoping out his place so that they could come back and rob him later. It made me so mad when Elmer told me about this! I am going to be on the lookout for this so-called HVAC maintenance van. If they show back up, these guys are going to be dealing with me.

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