This is the worst vacation ever

I’m sure not everybody believes the old timey saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, I found myself saying that to people because I always wished that I could get a break from my work.

When I was thinking about getting a break, I really didn’t suppose it would be a literal break of one of my bones! I ended up getting into an awful car accident as well as broke my leg.

Because I had this broken bone, I was stuck in a terrible hospital with a break from work. This was not the style of break that I wanted as I was definitely thinking more along the lines of hanging out in a tropical resort as well as having the time of my little life. I would like to have a nice hotel room with one of those brand new smart thermostats where you can adjust the temperature control settings fully remotely. It would also be great if they had radiant heated floors in the lavatories as I’ve been to some fancy hotels exactly like that… Unblessedly, I had no control over the temperature control settings which were at the hospital. It was severely uncomfortable most of the time, to be sure, because they had the cooling system cranked up on purpose! I thought these medically knowledgeable people were silly as well as kept shouting at them in my discomfort. I had a few nice ones adjust the temperature control settings for me, however the others would just allow my body to nearly freeze to death with only a few thin blankets that I could use. I tell you, being able to adjust my own temperature control settings is a sizable relief.

Wireless thermostat

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