Three Strikes and You’re out With the Heating Dealership in my Town

The owner of the heating corp near me likes to give people working for him chances, but only three mistakes and you are out the door after that.

I’ve only had one instance in five years and he clears them after three years so I am really back down to zero mistakes at work.

I think he likes my HVAC maintenance work I do and would not let me go even if I made ten mistakes. He has kind of softened up over time and doesn’t really count anymore except for the really new guys on the job. There is one HVAC worker who seems to always bumble things up and has already three mistakes under his belt after only a month on the job. I don’t think he will be around much longer as I can see him making more mistakes soon with the way he works. At least he is doing his HVAC repairs as well as he can and trying to do the right thing. I think he is just a bit absent minded when it comes to heat pump repairs and I think he just needs to focus a bit more and he will be okay. When I was younger I was the same with my scatterbrained ways, but now at 55 years old I think my mind is more focused and relaxed, thanks to all of the meditation sessions I’ve done over the years. The HEPA filter specialist got me into yoga and meditation long ago and it has helped me so much in many aspects.



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