Uncle Donald was frustrated with the smart thermostat at first

Uncle Donald is what we refer to as a lovely but grumpy man.

He always has the best gifts for everyone, but he also complains and curses a lot.

Still, we wouldn’t have him live anywhere else than next door to us. Growing up, our late aunt and uncle Donald were our babysitters. Mom and dad were working a lot, so they offered to look after us. That’s how we became so close with uncle Donald. After high school, I went away to college and uncle Donald bought me a car to come home often. I kept my promise to do so, and that’s how I found myself choosing a new thermostat for him last year. He called me to ask if I was coming home for the holiday weekend. When I went to see him, he complained about the thermostat in his house. For some reason, the unit kept changing the temperature in the house even after he set it. The thermostat was so old, so I told uncle Donald it was time to change it. He agreed, but we couldn’t trace the old model he had. So, I convinced him to get a smart thermostat that he could program with his phone. He reluctantly agreed, and we had an AC expert come and set it up. He downloaded an app for my uncle to use and left us a manual to read. Uncle Donald was quite frustrated with the smart thermostat at first because it had so many other features. But, I kept working with him despite his complaints until he mastered how to use the app. I had learned a long time ago to tune out the complaints and keep on until he got it.


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