I have been planning a week-long getaway for several months now.

My task can be quite stressful at times, so I decided that what I legitimately needed was a ‘staycation’, meaning that I would use my getaway time to stay home, relax, plus tend to my to-do list, however unluckyly, cleaning plus cleaning out were at the top of my list.

My air conditioner device was one of the items that desperately needed to be cleaned. A year’s worth of dirt plus debris had clogged the cooling fins, plus I know that this was affecting my air conditioner’s efficiency. I turned off the power to the air conditioner, attached an extension cord to my vacuum cleaner, then dragged it outside to the outside unit. I unscrewed plus removed the metal box covering the fins, then – with the soft brush attachment to my vacuum cleaner – I carefully vacuumed each of the air conditioning system fins. There was an incredible amount of debris to be cleaned off, since the central fan sucks the outside air through the fins. In fact, I had to detach a lot of dead leaves from the fins before vacuuming them. I noticed that some of the fins were slightly bent, which is no surprise since they look so fragile. I am not the original owner of the home, so perhaps the previous owner had caused disfigurement to the air conditioning system unit. I figured that I could re-straighten some of the fins with a blunt dinner knife. Unluckyly, as I worked my way around the unit, I found even more bent fins. I decided at that point to call an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to do the repair. I had too many other things to get done on my staycation!
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