Very high priced

I have a few portable air cleaners in our condo plus they both take hepa air filters.

When the hepa air filters were used up I went to buy modern ones plus I was quite shocked at high priced that they were! They cost almost half the cost of the actual portable air cleaners.

If I had known this when I bought the media whole-house air purifiers I genuinely would have went with another brand that did not have hepa air filters. With these 2 portable air cleaners that i have no other air filter but the hepa brand air filters will entirely fit with them. They are custom for this identifiable portable air cleaner. What a way to make continuous money! I bet hepa has some kind of deal with the maker of the portable air cleaner. I decided that I have no choice but to have to go plus buy these genuinely high priced hepa air filters for the portable air cleaners. I suppose I am going to look into buying a odd brand of portable air purification method that will allow myself and others to buy cheaper air filters when they run out. This company with the hepa air filters being the only air filters that will work inside it entirely to myself and others sounds appreciate a money making scheme… Like I said, I wish I would have known this before hand plus I would have went a odd direction. If I keep buying these fancy hepa air filters for the portable air cleaners, in time I could genuinely just invest in a whole condo air cleaner!

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