Wanted my own place, I thought…

There’s nothing more frustrating than living with your mom.

  • And I’m sorry if you’ve been in a similar boat as I have recently.

Of course, this frustration only gets more valid with age. If you are an adult living with your mother, I’m guessing you probably know how annoying it is. When I moved out to go to college I definitely didn’t expect that I would be back in 10 years. Or EVER. All of the things that I hated about living with my mom as a kid apparently have not changed. She is still unpredictable and a real authoritarian when it comes to using the indoor heating and cooling equipment. My whole childhood was extremely uncomfortable because she literally never wanted to use the furnace or air conditioning system. As an adult, clearly that is still the exact same. She never wants me to touch the thermostat or utilize the energy efficient furnace and cooling system that she purchased. For the past several months, I’ve been losing my mind while trying to save up money by staying with her. I finally moved out and bought a house for myself, thinking it was going to be so comfortable! Well… I pretty quickly discovered, I also don’t like using my central heating and cooling equipment. She was right, HVAC systems are a big pain in the butt. They’re extremely expensive to operate and to professionally maintain. I always gave my mom such a hard time about trying to keep the expensive indoor air quality control appliances turned off, but now that I have my own central HVAC system, I don’t want to touch the thermostat either.



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