We finally figured out how to use the smart thermostat

I’m in my 50’s, and I’m almost retiring from my job. My wife is also not far behind, and we are looking forward to relaxing. Long ago, we invested money in our dream home. It’s in such a lovely area next to a lake and amazing woods. We love this place because we get to go on walks, and also there’s ample land to grow different things. My wife even has all sorts of flowers that she sells to folks in town. As for me, my hobby is all about working with wood, and I look forward to doing more of this. We have 3 kids who have blessed us with 2 grandbabies. The last time they all came to visit, we had an issue with the thermostat in the house. It was such a hot summer, and having the AC unit off was getting on everyone’s nerves. So, we called the AC business in town to send over an AC worker to fix it. The lady showed up and told us we had to get a new thermostat. Since our kids were around, they suggested we go for a smart thermostat. The selling point was that we’d pay less on energy costs since it was such an efficient unit. The HVAC worker came back the next day to install a smart thermostat. After the kids left, we were on our own, and it has taken quite some time to get to know how it works. At first, we were considering getting the old dial thermostat back, but we chose to stick to it and learn. The hardest part was using an app to change settings, but we got it after many trials.

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