We had to find a way to boost sales

Things have been rather hard financially for all small businesses, however our wife & I have really suffered so much since the beginning of the quarantine, however business was already struggling & time away from working made it almost impossible to keep up with all of the bills, i got sick first & I had to spend a week away from the kids; My wife Bess got sick right after I started to assume better, then the youngsters were with their Grandma for 3 months during this period so they would not get sick, then we had to apply for a government loan to cover all of the expenses from the business.

We were closed down for a while.

When the two of us reopen for business, I thought that the two of us should figure out a way to boost our sales. I spoke with a company that handles marketing & advertising. The company said they could do a marketing campaign for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation for a rather small amount of money up front. If the advertising worked well, then I would have to spend money on higher fees to continue with the company. The deal sounded great & I didn’t assume there was any way that the two of us could lose. If the advertising didn’t work, then I didn’t have to continue with the marketing company. We tried things out for a month. Bess let the company make changes to our website. They added keywords to help increase our footprint on the internet. That worked legitimately well; After a month, the two of us were much more readily found online when people searched for heating, cooling, refrigeration, & other Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair techs in our city.

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