We happily were provided with window A/C equipment until the A/C was fixed

My wifey & I were having a difficult time with the central air conditioning in our property.

It was running regularly & still not maintaining the regular temperature on the temperature control equipment.

I had the temperature control set for 71 degrees, & the central A/C still ran regularly all throughout the day. In the middle of the day the best the HVAC equipment could do was to cool the place to 75 degrees. The electric bills were getting higher & higher, so I decided to call an A/C repair service. I made the appointment on Tuesday. A genuinely kind & helpful A/C repair company came to the property to investigate the issue. He easily checked all of the different parts of the HVAC & determined that the problem was the motor for the blower. It wasn’t working respectfully & that was the reason why we actually did not have enough frigid air in the property. It was genuinely fancy to substitute the blower motor & the A/C repair company could not get the equipment until the next day. Happily, the guy provided me with a pretty nice window A/C until the next day. He installed the window A/C equipment in the family room so our family & I could enjoy supper in the cool air. They provided to install another window A/C, but I sincerely did not guess it was something that we needed. The following day, the A/C repair professional arrived on time & completed the repair & upgrade process. The A/C equipment worker took the window units back to the shop after our problem was taken care of.


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