We joined the gym together

When my girlfriend joined a gym, I knew my days were limited.

We have been a team since middle school, through thick and thin, but in the last few months it has been more difficult.

Entering middle age means the pounds are starting to pile up. We put on weight over time, but our lifestyle was not conducive to being in great health. My wife decided that both of us needed a change for the better, so she signed up for a gym membership. She says that I don’t have to get a gym membership, I can do whatever I want, but I don’t believe that for a bit. The way I see it there are more than 2 outcomes – either I cave in in addition to joining her gym and improve my health, or eventually she will meet another person at the gym and leave me. I suppose that insecurity and jealousy are not great motivators for training methods, but my hands are tied! I am hoping that once I truly join the gym and get comfortable in it, that the results will make me feel better. I would love to lose some weight, after all, but moreover I want to show my lady I am willing to join a gym and put in the effort. When left to my own devices I love to get high and play videogames, so showing her I am willing to join a gym for her should make her ecstatic. It had better make 1 of us ecstatic, because a gym membership isn’t that cheap.
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