We looked through a few different HVAC plans for our new home

When both of us were having our house built, both of us were thinking about the best HVAC plan to have installed with our new construction project.

We looked at a bunch of different HVAC plans for the home, and both of us finally agreed on something our fiance and I both loved.

The one thing that both of us both honestly agreed on was having several fireplaces, one in our master dining room and one in the living room. We didn’t want to have to worry so much about chopping wood all the time, so both of us opted for a couple of gas fireplaces. Then both of us looked into which HVAC would serve us the best. We decided to go for a boiler plan which would be hooked up to radiant radiant floors. Having radiant floors throughout the household both of us thought would be attractive and both of us opted to have a couple of radiators in the basement keeping it nice and cozy down there. The boiler both of us decided to go for is highly energy efficient, so both of us should be seeing incredibly low heating costs through the Winter time weeks. My number one area though is the high velocity cooling system. They had to install the HVAC duct for the AC system. The HVAC duct is so tight though and it’s amazing the speed of which this plan is able to provide cooling for the household. I have special HVAC duct in the basement as well for the ideal cooling. There’s a area of the basement I want to use for storage, and then there’s a location where I want to set up a mini theater because both of us enjoy seeing movies in this family!

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