We need our a/c at band practice

All of us were supposed to have band practice at school the other day, but the janitor forgot to come in early and turn the air conditioning on for us in the band room; you also might suppose that turning on the air conditioning in the band room is a self-explanatory enough work… Then and it would be, except for the fact that the band room is notoriously overheated and you have to have the air conditioning turned on for minutes before the room starts cooling down, and that’s why he was supposed to go turn the air conditioning on for us early, however, when I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that he had forgotten to come in and do his task. The band room was super sizzling and there was no way that the people I was with and I were going to be able to have practice inside… Then unfortunately for us, it was raining outside, and the temperature was absolutely sizzling out there anyway; I turned the air conditioning on as soon as I got there, despite the fact that I knew that it would not start cooling down until it was almost time for the practice to be over. I am also pretty sure that there is something wrong with the air conditioning idea in the band room, because there is no reason that it should take so long for it to start cooling off once the thermostat is finally turned down. I have complained to the service guys at the school before, but nothing ever seemed to get done about it, then maybe I will just call the commercial heating and A/C corporation myself and see if they can come in and check it out. If I have to genuinely pay for it, after that I have to pay for it.

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