Weird but it worked

I will never forget this one home that I rented some years ago.

It was really odd about the central heating and air conditioning system.

Usually the HVAC unit would be on the side of your house or in the backyard. But in this home I was renting the central heat and a/c unit was actually in the garage! I had never seen such a thing before and have not seen it again since. But the thing was, it actually worked and didn’t cause any major issues. The only hassle was that the place to change the air filter was also in the garage, which did not make sense to me, but that was how it was. It was the most insane heating and air conditioning set up I think I ever seen in my entire lifetime to date! I even told a heating and cooling specialist about it one time and he was baffled. It is for sure not something that you come across every single day of your life in finding a central heating and air conditioning system unit placed in a garage! My only guess is that it had something to do with the way that the ductwork was laid and how the house was built. Having a lot of different ductwork lying can affect how the central heating and air conditioning system unit will be placed within a home. Never the less, it was an interesting experience and year of my life having a central heating and air conditioning unit that was in the garage!


Weird but it worked

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