You could get electrocuted working on a power supply for an HVAC system

When I was a kid, I used to play around with electricity without realizing the dangers.

At one point I learned that I could cause tiny wires to heat up and melt by running a positive and electric charge from a power drill battery.

It’s simply, you take two alligator clips and attach one end of each to both terminals on the battery, exactly like you would with jumper cables on a car battery. Then attach the other ends of the alligator clips to opposite ends of the tiny wire. When you make a connection, the wire glows red and melts in seconds. I used to wrap these little wires around the fuses on fireworks so I could remotely detonate them from 20 feet away using long extension wires from the battery. Obviously I was dumb and shocked myself more times than I would like to admit. These days I’m a lot more careful with electricity. When a fuse blew on my central HVAC system, I was tempted to replace it myself. I saw videos on the internet showing detailed instructions for replacing these fuses. However, it requires messing with the HVAC system’s power supply and I don’t want to get electrocuted. It’s dangerous dealing with high voltage, especially when it’s alternating current from a house. Instead of risking my injury, I called my HVAC supplier and told them about the fuse. Thankfully they sent someone out the same day and I paid nothing because it was covered by my maintenance contract. I would have wasted money buying a fuse and risking my safety trying to do the repairs myself.


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