You would think that with me being a sun worshiper and loving the beach and warm weather that I would be very happy living in this area of the country. It is true that I love the weather outside. You can call it pathetic, but anything below 70° gives me such a chill that I need to be wearing at least one extra layer. It is true that I enjoy the weather around here, but the problem starts whenever I walk into virtually any building that is not my own home. In my home, I have control of the thermostat, of course, and that means that I am comfortable. Call me crazy, but I set the thermostat to 77° and I am perfectly content. It does save me a lot of money on my energy bills, but that's not the primary reason I do it. I do it because I'm more comfortable at that warmer temperature. Other people overuse the air conditioner around here, plain and simple. Whether it's a restaurant or a grocery store or a doctor's office or just plain anywhere, it's always too cold for me inside buildings! Seriously, if you prefer it this cold, then move up north! I have friends who would cling to their air conditioners with desperation, trading any other creature comfort, as long as they would be allowed to keep their air conditioner. Like, seriously, go up north. It's your promised land, it would seem. But no, they say they actually like the weather down here better. I will never understand it!

I’m a big fan of fans!



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