A space gas furnace was the solution to maintain comfort at my parent’s house

Every Christmas, I visit my parents’ cabin and stay for about a week and return cabin after the new year. It has become tradition to spend Christmas at their cabin because I prefer the colder weather during the holiday. Occasionally I wish for snow, I dream of having that colorless Christmas, however that hasn’t happened in a while. There are 3 home offices located upstairs in my parents’ cabin and a single of which is located above the garage. That particular room has really little insulation so it is usually cold in the Winter. Therefore, it becomes taxing to manage the heat when both of us have a cabin full of people. If the temperature control is set to 70 degrees, the room over the garage is comfortable, however the 2 additional home offices get harshly warm and end up feeling like gas furnaces. My room usually becomes unbearable to sleep in, so constantly, I turn the heat off prior to going to bed. And you guessed it, if the weather is brutally chilly outside, the room over the garage that lacks correct insulation becomes an icebox, and every one of us had to come up with a solution for this issue so that all our houseguests could sleep comfortably. After a short discussion, both of us decided to purchase a space gas furnace for the room over the garage. This proved to have solved the problem because that night I was able to turn the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component off and both of us kept the space gas furnace on in the room over the garage. The room was nice and comfortable, toasty however not too hot. It is amazing that a $25 space gas furnace could create such comfort, and my Mom observed that using the space gas furnace for guests staying in that room over the garage has saved him some money on his heating bill over the years.


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