Air quality hazard

We had a really bad air quality issue here last week. I had never seen this before. The air quality was listed as hazardous! I have dealt with bad air quality, but never on this level. It made sense why I was having so many issues breathing and coughing a lot. It was a real good thing that I also own 2 portable air purification systems. Because those 2 portable air purification systems really helped me get through this. I had one in the bedroom and one in the living room area of my home. Believe me, it made the difference during this 2 or 3 days of hazardous air quality! The reason the air quality was this bad was because of the monsoon we had been dealing with. It kicked up a huge dust storm and that completely damaged the air quality in the area. I have to admit that I was used to this, but not this bad. I wish I actually had a whole home air purification system. While the portable air purification systems I have did a pretty good job at keeping things at bay, it wasn’t exactly the complete cure for this hazardous air quality that was going on in my local area. I am just glad that it is over for now and I hope I do not have to deal with anything like this again until next year as the soonest! It was really a bad thing all together for me. But I thank my portable air purification systems for helping things along just a little bit.


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