All those critters are getting their own HVAC comfort

I have always enjoyed coming home from my job to the heating and cooling comfort of my house.

The work I do keeps me outside much of the time.

That can wear on a person when it’s super cold or super hot outside. And lucky me, I get both of those. Our winters are fierce and we have to rely on plenty of HVAC heating to manage that season. But the summer is even worse. So when I come home during that part of the year, I’m looking for a place to rest and soak up all that HVAC cooling. Well, for the past year, that hasn’t been as easy as it sounds. I’ve been pressed into service by my wife and daughter almost the very second I walk through the door. Those two have turned into this area’s pet rescuers. They take in lost and abandoned pets in order to place them with forever homes. But while that happens, they had been sharing the heating and cooling in our house. There got to be so many of them that I was needed to feed and clean. That’s not exactly what I was looking to do when I got home from a long day at work. Plus, all that pet fur and dander was clogging up the HVAC air filter all the time. That puts so much unnecessary stress on our HVAC equipment. However, with the help of friends and some donations, we put on an addition just for the animals. The local HVAC company we use even installed a ductless heat pump at cost with not installation fee. Now all those critters are out of my house and have their own heating and cooling comfort.

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