At least we had a heads up about the Heating and A/C equipment

My wife and I signed up for the Heating and A/C repair plan when we moved here and bought this house.

It made the most sense really given how stressed we both are. Neither of us really wanted to have the responsibility to try and remember to call the Heating and A/C professionals for Heating and A/C maintenance. So the Heating and A/C repair plan fit our needs just perfectly. Additionally, we bought a house that had Heating and A/C component that was about 8 years old. It wasn’t exactly the greatest Heating and A/C component in the world either. So we wanted to make sure that we kept it in good order with Heating and A/C maintenance on a semi annual basis. We hoped to get 10 years out of the Heating and A/C component however we came up short. The Heating and A/C contractor confirmed our suspicions when she came out to do the heating maintenance in the fall. Our Heating and A/C cooling costs had spiked during the end of the previous summer. The Heating and A/C contractor told us that indeed, our heat pump was not going to last much longer. That heads up was all we needed. With all the supply chain problems, we thought it prudent to go ahead and get the Heating and A/C component replacement picked out and ordered. Given that our winters are mild, I was confident that we could get through this past a single without a problem. And we did. But having that heads up was instrumental for us as we are now all set up to have the heat pump replaced in the coming weeks. That means that we go into the heat season fully prepared with brand new Heating and A/C cooling.



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