Nobody likes the new guy, but he is the boss’ son

Nobody in a company was happy when we found out that the boss was going to hire his son. I personally was upset and annoyed, because I wanted my brother to work with me and the boss said it was impossible for both of us to work at the same branch. The boss and his son have a different last name, so he thought we wouldn’t realize they were related. It is quite obvious since both of them look the same. It only took a day or two before everyone in the company knew that the young guy was the boss’s son. I got stuck training the kid on HVAC repairs. He works with me everyday. I am stuck with him for two weeks and it is my responsibility to teach the kid the ropes. I don’t mind training new HVAC technicians, but this kid thinks he knows everything. He doesn’t listen to me half the time and he constantly reminds me that his dad is the boss. Last weekend, I wanted him to crawl under a house to look at the ducting. It was muddy and bugs were crawling everywhere. He absolutely refused to get under the house and do his job. After I got under the house and took some pictures of the ducting, I sent the guy home for the rest of the day. My boss called and I gave him an update about the condition of the ductwork and the new employee. I thought he was going to go crazy, but he didn’t say a word.

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The big window in our great room heats up the whole room

We have a big window in our great room that faces to the west.

  • Last summer, it became a big issue during the summertime because it started heating the great room up so much in the late afternoon and the evening.

When the sun would shine into the room, it created almost a greenhouse effect and no matter how much we would turn the air conditioning down, it would keep on getting hotter and hotter in there! It got to the point where we would have to put electric fans in the great room to move the air around and yet it would still seem super hot and like the temperatures would just keep on rising! I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do about it and so I finally ended up calling our local HVAC company. We love that room and so not being able to use it all summer because it was too hot and stuffy in there just wasn’t an option for us. When I talked to the guy at the HVAC company, he said that getting something called a ductless mini split A/C system might be a good fit for us. With an A/C system like a ductless mini split, you don’t have to run additional ductwork and it will provide lots of extra cooling to the room. Other than putting blackout curtains on the windows, that might be the only option that we have! I have made an appointment with the HVAC company so a technician is coming out early next week to do an estimate for us.


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Now that the weather is heating up, there’s something you should do

Now that the weather is finally heating up and the winter is over, there’s something that you should do if you have central air conditioning in your home.

  • A lot of people seem to forget about the exterior air conditioning unit that is outside of your home.

Sometimes, sticks, grass, weeds, or other outdoor debris can get too close to your air conditioning unit and mess up your cooling system. You want to make sure that before you turn the A/C on for the first time in the summer that you have completely cleaned around the A/C unit outside. Our A/C system is located back behind the garage, and sometimes I completely forget that it’s even back there. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that! Well, a couple of years ago, I made the big mistake of not checking the air conditioning unit out before I turned it on for the first time in the summer and it was a huge mistake. The day that I turned it on for the first time, the weather outside was really hot. The temperature was probably up in the nineties and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. I remember it well because the whole thing was very traumatizing to me! When I turned the A/C on, there was a weird grinding sound followed by a scraping sound outside. Then, suddenly, the air conditioning vents started to blow out a terrible, acrid smell into the house. I ran outside to look at the A/C unit and there was a giant raccoon inside of the A/C unit. It was terrible! I will never turn the air conditioning on again unless I check it first.
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It will be summer again before you know it

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get warm and I barely ever turn the air conditioning on in the house until it’s the middle of the summer and the temperatures are up in the eighties or the nineties.

Before we know it, it’s going to be summer again and I can hardly wait. I am really a summer person and I feel like the weather usually helps to determine my mood. If it’s yucky outside and it’s rainy or cold, I’m just not a happy camper. However, if the weather is heating up and it’s nice and sunny, then my disposition greatly improves. I think I might have a little bit of that seasonal affective disorder that you’re always hearing about on the news. Anyway, I’m glad that the weather is finally heating up outside and that the sun is shining at last. I’m a little bit of a freeze baby, if you know what I mean. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get warm and I barely ever turn the air conditioning on in the house until it’s the middle of the summer and the temperatures are up in the eighties or the nineties. I do like to use the A/C, but I would say that my air conditioning bills are probably much less expensive than the other people in my neighborhood because I don’t use it very often. However, I do try to keep up with the maintenance on the heating and cooling system in the house. I always put the annual HVAC maintenance appointment on my schedule so that I won’t forget to call and make the appointment with my local HVAC company. Now that I think about it, it’s probably just about time for me to do that once again for this year!



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Our HVAC company said that we could save money

Our HVAC technicians were out here the other week to put in a new heating and cooling system for us.

They must have noticed the look of sticker shock that we had whenever they handed us the final bill, and so they mentioned the fact that we could save fifteen percent on our bill if we would put one of their advertising signs with their HVAC logo and phone number on it out in our front yard. I had never even thought about doing something like that before. I mean, I’ve seen signs in other people’s yards for lawn care, plumbing, and HVAC service, but I guess I had never been given the option myself before that day. As soon as the HVAC technician said that to us, we immediately jumped upon the opportunity. Saving fifteen percent was quite a bit of money, considering how much we had spent on our new heating and cooling system and its installation. I was pretty happy to have the chance to save even a little bit of money, honestly. Most of the time around here where we live, the HVAC companies have all of the business that they can handle and so they don’t run any heating and cooling tune up specials or give deals where you can save money on any of their services. Being able to save that much sounded awesome to me. Even though we have had the super ugly bright green sign for the HVAC company in our yard for almost two whole weeks now, when I look at it, I just see dollar signs.

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First date is a disaster because of air conditioner malfunction

I spent nearly two years flirting with a guy at work.

Every time I saw him at the water cooler, in the breakroom or at happy hour, I made a point to talk to him and smile a lot.

I dropped all sorts of hints that I am single and interested. He is rather shy so it took him a long time to work up the courage to ask me out to dinner. When he finally did, I was so excited that I went out and got a manicure and my hair colored. I also spent a small fortune on a new dress and shoes. Since it’s the middle of July and the outside temperature is in the high eighties with horrendous humidity, I knew the restaurant would be running the air conditioner on full blast. Every local business keeps the temperature like a meat locker and I always freeze. Because of this, I chose a long-sleeved dress, which turned out to be a huge mistake. We’d chosen to meet at an upscale restaurant downtown. The moment I stepped inside, I knew I was in big trouble. I immediately asked the hostess why the restaurant felt so ungodly hot. She told me that the air conditioner had malfunctioned and wasn’t working. She assured me that a HVAC repairman would have it fixed the following day. That bit of information didn’t help me at all. I had sweat running down my back before I even sat down at the table. I asked about outdoor seating to at least get a breeze but it wasn’t available. By the time we ordered drinks, I already had stains under my arms from perspiring so much. I drank so much water, I had to use the bathroom three times. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my mascara was running down my face. The first date was an absolute disaster because of an air conditioner malfunction.

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Ventilation system improves air quality

I’ve always liked living in the northeastern part of the country.

I enjoy the benefits of changing seasons.

After the heat and humidity of the summer months, I look forward to the cool air and colorful leaves of fall. The winter snow and sub zero temperatures can be brutal, but the cleansing rain and flowers of spring are always just around the corner. I get to take advantage of snowmobiling and cross-country skiing as well as kayaking and cycling. However, the wide temperature fluctuations are a challenge. For the majority of the year, it’s necessary to run either the furnace or the air conditioner. The windows need to be kept shut and the house sealed up tight to avoid energy losses. Minimizing the workload of the heating and cooling system helps the budget. I want to lower the monthly utility bills as much as possible. By preventing the conditioned air from escaping out of gaps in insulation and leaks around windows and doors, I save myself quite a bit of money. I also stop the outside air from coming in. While this is the whole purpose of my efforts, it can cause some concerns with indoor air quality. Ventilation is vital to maintaining a healthy living environment. Otherwise, the air gets stuffy and stale. Contaminants get trapped inside and circulated around by the furnace and air conditioner. To solve this problem, I’ve invested in a ventilation system. It’s a type of air quality accessory that brings in fresh air and expels stale air. It helps to regulate humidity, minimize air contamination and reduce energy bills. Less moisture in the air in the summer means the air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard. In the winter, the ventilator preheats the incoming air to help out the furnace.
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Teaching classes in AC repair

My father raised me with a deep sense of community.

This neighborhood was one of the first in the area for affluent African Americans in the days after Civil Rights.

It is a prosperous area, but still slow to develop its own businesses and infrastructure. My father was one of the first around here to have such a successful business ,and he always made sure to re-invest in the community. Since his forte was air conditioning and heating systems, he started to offer free classes on those subjects in his shop on weekends. He had three full time HVAC techs working for him at the time, and collectively the four of them shared teaching duties. Now, don’t get me wrong in saying that these were classed about air conditioners, I am talking the bare bones basic stuff. Learning about air filters, how they work, and why they are so important to keep clean. They discussed thermostats, and not just the mechanics of them, but how to use them correctly for proper temperature control. All of these classes taught them a little something, but gave them bigger ideas than just air conditioners and furnaces. We wanted to give them some practical wisdom to use around the house, yes, but we also wanted the HVAC education to be a jumping off point. If some of them end up wanting to get into HVAC work, that would be great, but we are just encouraging them to learn. HVAC work isn’t just mechanics, it involves science, math, and thermodynamics, and we are trying to expand your minds.

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A second chance as an HVAC tech

It’s not every day you get a genuine second chance.

I personally feel that I earned one, if I’m being honest, but I was still surprised to get it.

Back in the day I did a lot of drugs and drinking, and some jail time for offenses related to those activities. I never hurt anyone, other than myself, but my record showed me to be a drunk and a druggie… until I turned things around. I got clean, I stayed clean, I went back to school, I did everything right. After all that, the only reason I was able to get a real job is because the HVAC contractor recognized me from the AA meetings. He had a soft spot for guys like me, and gave me a shot working a tech on one of his three different HVAC work crews. He did big end industrial jobs mostly, which I had never done before, but he knew I had the core skills of HVAC work and that I could pick up the rest. He believed in me, told me straight up that I had beat my demons, and after that learning this side of HVAC work would be easy. He was wrong about that, industrial HVAC systems are monstrous and complex, but it was still easier than quitting drinking. After six months, I had proven myself, and he put me in charge of a fourth, smaller HVAC crew. When times were dark, HVAC skills were my saving grace, but I never could have survived without this HVAC contractor helping me out.


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The missing wallet was nowhere to be found

The manager said the HVAC unit was cleaned and serviced and she assured me that no water damage was done to my apartment

Last Tuesday, I was in a hurry to leave my apartment for work. I knew it was going to be an extremely busy day and I got a late start. The pilot light on the hot water heater went out in the middle of the night. When I tried to take a shower in the morning, I didn’t have hot water. I had to wait an hour before I could clean up and get dressed. I was in such a hurry to leave my apartment that I forgot to grab my wallet. It was sitting right on top of the dresser in the master bedroom. I was a little annoyed and aggravated when I realized my mistake, but I wasn’t alarmed or worried since I knew exactly where the wallet was sitting. Shortly after lunch time, I received a call from the manager of the apartment building where I live. The neighbor in the apartment next to mine had a flood and the manager had to check my apartment to see if there was damage. I gave the manager permission to enter my apartment. While the maintenance team was in my apartment, they decided to service the HVAC system. The HVAC system was due to be serviced soon and they thought it was a great time to kill two birds with one stone. When I got home from work, there was a note on the front door. The manager said the HVAC unit was cleaned and serviced and she assured me that no water damage was done to my apartment. When I went to the bedroom to get my wallet, it was missing. I still have not located the missing item.

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