Using the stimulus payment to get the central AC fixed

My wife and I have been dealing with central AC problems for the past two summers. We had to spend $1,200 on a repair last year. At that time, the repair technician told my wife and I that it was time to start thinking about a new and more energy efficient air conditioner. My wife was out of work due to the Coronavirus and I was barely making enough money to pay all of our bills. Replacing the central AC unit was not an option at that time. When my wife and I found out that we might get a stimulus from the government, the two of us immediately began to think about our central AC. We were going to receive a large chunk of money and it seemed like the best time for the two of us to replace the central AC. After the bill was signed, my wife and I decided to call the AC to get an estimate for all of the new equipment. As soon as the stimulus payment was deposited into our bank account, my wife and I called that AC contractor to complete the work. A lot of people use their stimulus money for fun and entertainment, but my wife and I used our money to finally fix cooling equipment in our home. If there is another stimulus later during the year, perhaps the two of us will save that money to take a vacation after all of this craziness is finally over. I know things will return to normal after everyone has been vaccinated.

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While I was in the bathroom, someone stole the propane heater

While I was in the bathroom, someone stole the propane heater out of the back of my truck

My girlfriend and I broke up a couple of weeks ago and I am still trying to work through the pain and sadness. I went out on Saturday night with a couple of friends and we drank a lot of beers. I was really drunk by the time the bar closed and I had to take an Uber home. I can pick up my car the next day. All day on Sunday, I felt ill and light-headed and dizzy. I spent a lot of time laying around the house on the couch instead of bed. I had to work early Monday morning and I woke up when the alarm rang at 5 am. I had a headache and my stomach still felt upset. The boss had two jobs on the schedule for the morning. I had to drop off a propane heater to one of our commercial customers. I put the propane heater in the back of my truck and I secured it with a couple of bungee cords. After I dropped off the propane heater, I had to help a customer with a heating repair. On my way to drop off the propane heater, I started to feel my stomach rumble. I decided to stop at a gas station to use the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, someone stole the propane heater out of the back of my truck. When I came out of the gas station, I saw that propane heater missing. I hoped the gas station had cameras outside, but I found out that they do not record unless the store is closed for the night.

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The new uniform sizes are smaller than the others

My boss called a staff meeting last Monday to let all of the employees know that we were getting brand new uniforms.

He wanted each employee to review the chart and make sure the sizes were correct and up to date. I always wear medium pants and a shirt, and that is what was listed on the sheet. I placed my initials on the line with my name indicating that I approve of the sizes. I was pretty happy to receive a few new uniforms. I got three shirts and pants when I started working for the HVAC repair company about six months ago. In the first week of the job, I tore one of my shirts and I have been rotating two every week. The HVAC repair company uniforms came in yesterday and the boss passed out our new uniforms. I thought my shirt looked really small, but the tag said medium. I didn’t put the shirt on my body until later that night. Sure enough, the shirt barely fit. It was tight around the neck and the sleeves. There was no way the uniform shirt was actually a size medium. This morning, I talked to my boss about the new sizes and the shirts. I wasn’t the only person upset about the fit. Several other HVAC repairmen were upset that the new uniform shirts did not fit. I hope the clothing company will replace the shirts that don’t fit, because I can’t wear any of the ones that I got. It was huge waste of time and money.


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Sticking with my old furnace

My furnace is nearly twenty years old.

It was already installed when we bought the house.

The heating system has been very well taken care of. The original owners kept a record of annual maintenance and filter changes. They’d enrolled in a service program with a local HVAC contractor that transferred over to use after we purchased the property. I’ve kept up with yearly, professional inspection, cleaning and tuning. I’ve made sure to change the air filter every month without fail. A few years ago, I invested in a smart thermostat to help conserve energy and reduce strain on the furnace. Because of these efforts, the furnace remains operational despite its age. I am reluctant to replace it. The heater has been wonderfully reliable. We’ve had only a couple of minor repairs. It continues to put out plenty of heat and keep us comfortable every winter. However, every fall, the technician who provides the proactive upkeep warns me that the furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan. He explains how it would be better to replace it before winter than face a sudden malfunction and be without heat. He also tells me how much more energy efficient modern furnaces are. I know all this. I’ve looked into the newer models, the AFUE ratings and all the technological advances. I could upgrade to an Energy Star rated furnace and take advantage of zone control. I’m just not ready. I feel a sense of loyalty to the old furnace, and I’d like to see how long it will last. So fair, it shows no signs of failing.

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No temperature control in workout area

I have a lanai that is built along the back side of my house. It is constructed with a cement floor and a wall of screens. The space is approximately eight feet deep and sixteen feet long. It provides plenty of square footage for a home gym. I love that I have an area to set up my stationary bike, yoga mat, weight bench, free weights, jump rope and resistance bands. I’m able to crank up the music and combine cardio, strength training and stretching into a strenuous workout. My physical fitness is an everyday priority. I prefer to complete my workout first thing in the morning. For the majority of the year, the lanai is just perfect. I take advantage of the fresh air and lovely view. However, during the peak of summer, the temperature climbs into the eighties and the humidity is brutal. I don’t have access to air conditioning in the lanai. I rely on a box fan that provides little relief. I’m usually drenched in sweat before I’ve even started my warmup. During the winter, when the temperature drops down into the low forties, it’s tough working out without a heater. I need to bundle up in layers of sweatshirts. It’s nearly impossible to properly warm up my muscles and exercising is torture. Unfortunately, due to the screens, there’s simply no way to heat or cool the lanai. I’d need to close it up, insulate and either extend the ductwork from the main house or install a ductless unit. I’m unwilling to spend that kind of money and don’t really want to give up the advantages of the screens.

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Should you install a humidifier in a patient's room?

Dry air causes dry skin, cracked lips, allergies, dry throat, and mouth, among other symptoms.

You will need to add moisture to the air to get rid of those symptoms.

Humidifiers are great for adding humidity to the air. A humidifier also prevents the spread of influenza and helps relieve dry cough. When the breathable air is dry, your breathing tract dries. Without sufficient lubrication, you may end up with a bad snore. A humidifier prevents the skin and hair from drying up. When you install it in a patient’s room, it’ll boost the patient’s comfort levels. Patients undergoing an operation in theatre rooms risk losing moisture from the exposed body parts if the air is dry. Maternity and obstetric departments need humidifiers since babies’ skin is sensitive to dry and low humidity in the atmosphere. Proper care when using a babies’ humidifier is paramount since a dirty humidifier contaminates indoor air. A dark, humid tank fosters a perfect environment for germs to grow. It would be best if you cleaned a humidifier after use. Too much humidity in the air causes breathing problems, and a humidity meter or a hygrometer should be installed to make sure the humidity is between 30 to 50 percent. You should not use hard water as they have minerals that build up in the tank, reducing the HVAC equipment’s efficiency. Therefore, before you install a humidifier in a patient’s room, you have to consult a qualified HVAC technician. Often, HVAC professionals liaise with doctors to source and install the right HVAC equipment in a patient’s room.

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Is the presence of molds in your home risk to kids

Mold spores spread quickly because of their lightweight and tiny size.

They contaminate the indoor air quality and lead to an allergic reaction when inhaled.

Children, senior citizens, and people with weak immune systems are the most vulnerable. When a child inhales mold spores, they experience different respiratory issues similar to seasonal allergies. They include shortness of breath, wheezing sounds, runny nose, itchy nasal cavity, nasal congestion, coughs, and other flu-like symptoms. When small children inhale mold spores, it triggers frequent attacks. This could lead to chronic lung diseases. Toxic black molds produce mycotoxins that are very harmful to kids. These mycotoxins can be fatal. The black molds cause irritation and a burning sensation in a child’s mouth, nose, and throat. It also causes severe itching problems when they get lodged in the mucus membrane. They also cause bleeding in the lungs. Increased exposure to mold increases the risk of death among infants. Exposure to black mold may also cause neurological symptoms such as confusion, short attention span, slowed reflexes, headaches, numbness of the body, among others. The skin gets irritated, itchy, and develops rashes in contact with black mold spores. The eyes, too, get irritated and itchy, watery red, and your child gets blurred vision due to black mold. When these toxic black molds get into your bloodstream, they cause blood circulation problems, heart damage, blood clots, and internal and external bleeding. All molds in your home should be identified and killed. Contact a professional mold remover to take care of the mold problems in your home. Additionally, come up with an HVAC maintenance schedule to clean and perform periodic HVAC tune-ups on your HVAC system.

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Cooling systems for your residential wine cellar

Generally, wine needs specific conditions to age nicely.

If you invest in a wine collection, you must also invest in an environment that can keep your collection safe for years to come.

The average room temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this is not the right temperature for wine storage. The average temperatures for refrigerators, on the other hand, are too cold. The optimum temperature to store wine is between 53 and 58 degrees. Controlling wine cellar temperature prevents fluctuations. For wine cellars, temperature fluctuation is not ideal; even slight temperature variations of 3 degrees can compromise flavors. During the day, frequent changes in temperature cause wine to expand as it heats up. It then contracts as it cools. Wine oxidizes more when it is exposed to airflow. Therefore, a cooling system for a wine cellar should be designed to control temperature and humidity to preserve your wine collection. It should have the capability to maintain ideal conditions. The first cooling system ideal for your wine cellar is the VRF system. A VRF system allows you to control your zones independently, meaning it can keep your wine cellar at different temperatures and humidity levels than the rest of the building. It provides distinct temperature control and is perfect for controlling humidity. Next is the ductless split temperature, which uses a small evaporator unit inside the wine cellar, and the main condenser located outside the wine cellar. Perfect choice if vibrations and noise are a concern for your wine cellar. Consult an HVAC contractor on the right HVAC system for your wine cellar.

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Causes and prevention of AC vents problems every homeowner should know

A dependable air conditioning system is essential to any home. An average air conditioner owner hardly knows how it functions. An air conditioner consists of several components that help it operate effectively. One of these components is the vent, which is critical to an AC’s reliability. Just like any other part, the vents can malfunction and prevent the smooth operations of your system. When this happens, you could follow a few simple steps to restore your air conditioning vents to full working condition. For instance, when cool air is not coming out of your ducted air conditioning vents, it might result from a few factors. First, the HVAC system is not set at 100%. Some air conditioning systems allow you to adjust the air flowing out through certain vents using smart zone controls. Prevent this from happening by ensuring that your airflow on the zone controls is operational and set at 100%. The other cause for cool air not coming out is that your air conditioning system may be low on refrigerants. When this happens, you need to recharge or refill your refrigerant. It could also be because all your rooms are being used simultaneously, making it difficult for your AC to provide adequate energy to power all the rooms at once. Consider turning off any room not in active use for more airflow to get to the most vital rooms. Another cause could be that objects are put in front of your vents, stopping them from distributing air to its full potential. Ensure nothing is obstructing your air conditioner’s vents.

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Now that the weather is heating up, there’s something you should do

Now that the weather is finally heating up plus the Winter time is over, there’s something that you should do if you have central air conditioning in your home. A lot of people seem to forget about the exterior air conditioning device that is outside of your home. Sometimes, sticks, shrubbery, weeds, or other outdoor debris can get too close to your air conditioning device plus mess up your cooling system… You want to make sure that before you turn the air conditioning on for the first time in the Summer that you have completely cleaned around the air conditioning device outside! Our air conditioning system is located back behind the garage, plus occasionally I completely forget that it’s even back there. Out of sight, out of mind, plus all that! Well, a couple of years ago, I made the immense mistake of not checking the air conditioning device out before I turned it on for the first time in the Summer plus it was a immense mistake. The day that I turned it on for the first time, the weather outside was certainly hot. The temperature was really up in the nineties plus it wasn’t even suppertime yet. I remember it well because the whole thing was legitimately traumatizing to me! When I turned the air conditioning on, there was a odd grinding sound followed by a scraping sound outside. Then, abruptly, the air conditioning vents started to blow out a terrible, acrid stink into the house. I ran outside to look at the air conditioning device plus there was a immense raccoon inside of the air conditioning unit. It was terrible! I will never turn the air conditioning on again unless I check it first.

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