Bob had to figure out the best HVAC system for his home

Bob can tell stories really well and is quite loved by his friend.

He always knows what to say and adds jokes that have them all gasping for breath.

His mate Justin has a house in this posh neighborhood where they all hang out. Justin organizes the best parties and invites everyone to come and enjoy. Bob is always the person to entertain the guests while Justin wines and dines them. The last time they had such a gathering, Bob announced that he’d bought a house. He said this in the middle of a joke, and everyone thought he wasn’t serious. But, later, he confirmed that he did buy a house, and they were all invited to see it. The only issue was that Bob was having difficulty figuring out the right HVAC unit to get. He’d always lived in an apartment where it was the owner’s problem to tackle all HVAC issues. But, now that Bob was a homeowner, he was clueless about HVAC systems installation and anything else. One of his friends was dating an HVAC technician and offered to speak with her. She’d be best to offer Bob advice about the right system to get. Bob thanked his buddy and made another joke which had the table roaring. He knew he’d finally get the HVAC system he needed all set up after conversing with the HVAC technician. After that, Justin would help him organize a housewarming party and have the whole crew over to celebrate his amazing accomplishment.

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