Can’t install our own window film

I recently gutted as well as fully renovated our bathroom, then i removed the laminate floor as well as added penny tile, the shower plastic walls have become a gorgeous hexagon.

I splurged to get all the moen fixtures in a brushed nickel.

I got a modern vanity, countertop as well as lights. The last thing was replacing the window. I managed to convince our husband to widen the opening as well as get a larger window for the bathroom. I prefer that it lets in so much natural light. The bathroom is on the hour level as well as allows for a gorgeous view of the backyard! Due to this, I am hesitant to put a curtain over the window. I don’t want it that someone in the backyard cna watch you use the toilet or shower though. I have looked into window motion pictures. This is where you add a blackish tint to the window. It looks prefer you are putting cellophane on the window, however you won’t notice it from inside the apartment at all. It is just outside the apartment you won’t see a thing. I made a mistake. I purchased a cheap window film as well as thought to install it myself. I had bumps, air pockets as well as a whole mess. I ended up ripping it off… Now I suppose I need to contact a professional window film as well as tinting company. The whole bathroom is just perfect. I want the window film done right as well as smoothly. It isn’t that much money to make that final detail look perfect. That film is going to last myself and others for years, then so it is worth the investment.


Decorative Window Film

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