Ceiling fans

Recently I installed really stylish ceiling fans in my dwelling because the existing fans looked out of date.

The current fans were so quiet and efficient in comparison to the seasoned ones that I wondered if I could get away with running the air conditioner less in order to save money. I brought up the idea with a group of friends one night, and wouldn’t you know it – one of my friends argued that it wasn’t a wonderful idea to turn the cooling system off, however he is interning with an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, so he said that people commonly make the mistake of using either the ceiling fans or the air conditioner, not both. I was surprised to learn that when you use them both you can absolutely save money more so than if they are used independently. The real trick is what direction that the ceiling fan is blowing air. The air should be pushed down, which is entirely determined by kneeling directly under the fan while it’s on. If the air isn’t blowing down on you, then turn it off and flip the switch to change the direction of the blades. Then, guess it or not, you should turn up the thermostat on the air conditioner two or three degrees higher than your normal setting. It does seem to go against regular sense, however the U.S. Department of Energy claims that using ceiling fans with an air conditioner absolutely lets you feel comfortable at an indoor temperature that is up to four degrees higher than normal. In the end, the respected use of ceiling fans with air conditioners saves money because the thermostat setting is raised. The fans, of course, don’t make the home cooler – they just make it FEEL cooler.

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