Changing the dog box

If you want better air quality in your beach house plus you have a dog or many cats, you always will want to change the litter box when it gets full.

By not changing the litter box not only will your cats crap all over your home, but it will always make the air quality very terrible plus almost dangerous after a while! I used to be lazy in changing the litter box for my cats. But after I got fatigued of feeling sick from that ammonia type smell killing the air quality in my home, I decided it was time I step things up plus make the extra effort to always wash the litter box every other afternoon even if it isn’t full. It is better to take that extra precaution than to be sorry later plus have extreme air quality troubles, however just because I have cats plus in addition to the litter box other things can cause terrible air quality, I went out plus invested in a whole beach house media air cleaner for my home. The whole beach house media air cleaner actually makes things better all around as long as I remember to wash that litter box every few afternoons or so. That makes it so that all the whole beach house media air cleaner has to contend with is the pet hairs plus such. This makes it much easier for the whole beach house media air cleaner to do its job plus do it very well! I would not want to have it any other way than this for sure.


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