Could it be an HVAC system repair issue ?

I could no longer rest the stench in my house.

The fact that I had cleaned it thoroughly the past week and nothing changed irritated me more.

I shared my frustrations with my sibling Naomi and she requested hiring professional cleaners. Mom overheard our conversation and was curious about the source of the stink. She asked me to trace it before I could take action. While the foul stink was all over the house, it was strongest near the indoor HVAC equipment. I told mom my findings and she proposed that I call a professional first before I could hire extravagant cleaners, reluctantly, I dialed the contractor number on my fridge and the company sent a team of three. Nothing could have prepared me for the reality of the situation in my home. It turns out that the system had numerous complications that were causing the terrible stinks. First, there was a lot of mold forming in the blocked drain pan. Every time I turned the air conditioner off, the moldy stink would travel into the house. Besides that, there was the issue of that rotten-egg stink. The HVAC professionals suspected a leaking gas that was finding its ways into the air conditioning. They were entirely cheerful that I had noticed it in fantastic time as this could undoubtedly be disastrous. They drained and unblocked the drain pan. They also cleaned and disinfected the section to prevent continued mold growth. The experts asked me to switch off all the gas sources in the house and contact the gas company immediately. Once they traced and fixed the leak, then everything would go back to normal. They promised to come back for further HVAC repair and cleaning once the gas leak was sorted out.

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