Dangerous and toxic air quality

Every summer my allergies get really bad.

I take a few different kinds of allergy medication, and see a doctor every three months for tests, but no matter what I do it never seems to get any better.

The summers are the worst time of year for me, because of all the pollen in the air, and the excess humidity that makes it hard for me to breathe. A few weeks ago my allergies got as bad as they have ever been, and I had to go to the emergency room! My doctor advised that I use a whole-home air purifier in addition to upgrading the air filters in my central system. I already use HEPA rated air filters, and they didn’t seem to help enough. I took his advice on the air purifiers, but that didn’t make enough of a difference, either. I called around to a few different HVAC companies until I found one that had an air quality expert on staff. An air quality expert usually tests places like medical suits, labs, or places where chemicals are stored. They look for toxicity in the air quality, and since it is such a specialized service it costs a ton of money. I decided it was worth the investment in my health, and paid her to come and run tests on the air quality of my home. Within five minutes of her inspection, the air quality expert told me to either leave the house or put on a protective mask. It turns out the air quality here is dangerously toxic.

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