Dead rodent in my HVAC system

I had been away on a work trip for three weeks.

  • The trip was sudden so I wasn’t able to make any prior arrangements.

Fortunately, I had no pets and the HVAC system in my house could be operated smartly so I wasn’t nervous. I packed my container and left for the trip. It had been two mornings since I came back and I could not help but notice peculiar noises coming from the indoor HVAC unit. It seemed as though something was stuck in there and the squealing was proof of this. However, the noises subsided and I didnt hear it again three mornings later. However, this was replaced by a foul stench that was strong at the same location. Should I call a contractor, if it is serious? However, I decided to check it out first and that is when I discovered a dead rodent in there. I contemplated on getting it out myself but decided to call the HVAC contractor that services my unit first. After all, the HVAC repair was due in a few mornings. I requested if they could send a worker earlier since I had a situation that needed urgent attention. Fortunately, the HVAC company agreed and the HVAC professional was at my doorstep in three hours. He quickly got down to work and pulled out the rotting rat. After cleaning the vents, he went on to clean and get rid of any potential bugs that could be stuck in there. I learned that it was a matter of time and my indoor air quality would be compromised and potentially lead to diseases. For the first time I was glad I had followed my instincts and reacted promptly.

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