Dealing with HVAC in rental is just part of the process

I have been reminding myself over the past year that what my wife and I are going through it just temporary.

This has sort of become like a mantra in fact.

But, reminding myself that I’m in the midst of a process really helps me to deal with all of this. I just wish the heating and cooling was better but that too is just temporary. My wife and I decided over a year ago that keeping the family home was just not a sustainable or tenable thing to do. So we chose to replace the HVAC equipment, upgrade the kitchen and do a few other things to get the house on the market. Just doing that was hard enough for me. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to feel so deeply about that house and all of our family memories. Yet, we knew that it was time to move on to a smaller place. And that would also require a bit of a paring down as well. This led us to the rental condo we are in currently. We rented it to have a place to move to once the house sold. It’s a good thing we had it because the house sold quick. That new zone controlled HVAC was a big selling point I have to say. We have been here about 6 months and it’s okay except for the HVAC equipment. This condo has very old and outdated heating and cooling equipment. The result is very inconsistent heating and cooling comfort. But, we are looking at homes and it won’t be long before this temporary HVAC situation is over.

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