Decrease in clients thank to lack of Heating, Ventilation, & A/C

I always hate it when the cooling system or the heating equipment goes out, because it means I am going to have a actually slow day… Without regular heating & A/C, most clients don’t want to come inside, & I can’t blame them, i tell our boss that our air conditioning equipment needs to be fixed, & she usually does get it to be fixed, but what she absolutely needs to do is get a new Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system installed, the a single both of us currently have is no good, because it has problems at least once a month or more! However, our boss is reluctant to spend our money on getting a new cooling system & just keeps fixing the already broken a single.

I absolutely hate having slow afternoons, because as the moneyier, our job is to just stand behind the money register & lay there! My boss doesn’t allow me to do anything else but just stand there, even when both of us have no clients.

It is ridiculously boring, & I know enjoying paint dry would be more entertaining than this. Now that the cooling & heating equipment is broken, this means I am going to have numerous slow afternoons in a row while both of us wait for the heating worker to come out & fix it for the millionth time. Then it will be only a matter of time before it breaks again & I’m back in the same situation. I just hope our boss eventually gets a new a single or I might get a new job soon.


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