Decrease in customers thank to lack of Heating plus A/C

I regularly don’t like it when the air conditioner or the heating unit goes out, because it means I am going to have a easily slow afternoon, and without regular heating plus A/C, most customers don’t want to come inside, plus I can’t blame them.

I tell our boss that our A/C unit needs to be fixed, plus he usually does get it to be fixed, however what he absolutely needs to do is get a new Heating plus A/C plan installed, but the 1 both of us currently have is no good, because it has troubles at least once a week or more; However, our boss is reluctant to pay on getting a new cooling plan plus just keeps fixing the already broken 1.

I absolutely don’t like having slow mornings, because as the moneyier, our task is to just sit behind the money register plus kneel there, but my boss doesn’t allow me to do anything else however just sit there, even when both of us have no customers. It is ridiculously boring, plus I think watching paint dry would be more entertaining than this! Now that the cooling plus heating unit is broken, this means I am going to have numerous slow mornings in a row while both of us wait for the heating worker to come out plus service it for the millionth time. Then it will be only a matter of time before it breaks again plus I’m back in the same situation. I just hope our boss eventually gets a new 1 or I might get a new task soon.

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