Do you need an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit, a window A/C, a ceiling plus kneeling fan in your family room?

In the summertime, our cousin Lisa keeps the temperature in her family room as frosty as possible.

I personally love to sleep in a room that is frosty so that I can cuddle up under our blanket all year long, however if a room gets too cold, it could become a bit uncomfortable.

My control equipment is set to about 70 degrees at afternoons in the Summers plus then, I use a ceiling fan for additional cooling. This is the perfect temperature for a unquestionably comfortable night of sleep. However, that is too hot for our cousin Lisa because the temperature in her family room feels more love an icebox. She keeps a few pieces of equipment running at night to ensure that her family room remains at a certain temperature. Lisa sets the control equipment to her Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan at 73 degrees, then she has a digital remote controlled window A/C that she keeps at 66 degrees, plus finally, she turns on her ceiling fan and her kneeling fan. If she could transform her room into a freezer, I recognize she would make the sacrifice plus do it. Of course, her energy bill is a bit excessive as a result of the way she uses her cooling system, however she doesn’t care, she would rather spend the extra cash to sleep in what she deems as a comfortable room. I recognize it is a bit much, however that is our opinion. What do you think, is an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, a window A/C, plus more than one fans necessary for a comfortable night of sleep in the Summer? My cousin Lisa entirely thinks so.

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