Do you need an HVAC unit, a window A/C, a ceiling and standing fan in your bedroom?

I think it is a bit much, but that is my opinion

In the summertime, my cousin Lisa keeps the temperature in her bedroom as cold as possible. I personally like to sleep in a room that is cold so that I can cuddle up under my blanket all year long, but if a room gets too cold, it could become a bit uncomfortable. My thermostat is set to about 74 degrees at nights in the Summers and then, I use a ceiling fan for additional cooling. This is the perfect temperature for a very comfortable night of sleep. However, that is too warm for my cousin Lisa because the temperature in her bedroom feels more like an icebox. She keeps a few pieces of equipment running at night to ensure that her bedroom remains at a certain temperature. Lisa sets the thermostat to her HVAC system at 68 degrees, then she has a digital remote controlled window air conditioner that she keeps at 66 degrees, and finally, she turns on her ceiling fan as well as her standing fan. If she could transform her room into a freezer, I think she would make the sacrifice and do it. Of course, her energy bill is a bit excessive as a result of the way she uses her cooling system, but she doesn’t care, she would rather spend the extra money to sleep in what she deems as a comfortable room. I think it is a bit much, but that is my opinion. What do you think, is an HVAC system, a window air conditioner, and two fans necessary for a comfortable night of sleep in the Summer? My cousin Lisa certainly thinks so.


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