Don’t bother with heating and cooling work

It’s that time of year once again, however it won’t be much longer before I close all the windows and doors for good as the air conditioner goes on and stays on for at least three or so straight months.

This is indeed not my favorite time of year by any stretch of the imagination! Still, I cherish where I live and the brutal Summer heat and humidity are just part of it. The more one resists the heat, the worse it feels. I’ve learned that changing to the rising rapidly increasing temperatures is the best way to not be completely overwhelmed by the heat once Summer gets here. I mean, who wants to spend the entire summer time either inside the commercial HVAC of work or inside the central air conditioner of one’s home? I don’t for sure. I’m so thankful to have an air conditioner but I also like to get outside during the Summer too. Last Summer, I learned yet another lesson when it comes to the air conditioner in my house. I’m not an HVAC specialist as it turns out and this was made spectacularly clear after I tried in vain to repair the HVAC component last summer. I came home from a legitimately early day of golf to a home that was tepid and sticky. The air conditioner was working when I left but obviously something happened while I was out. The heat pump was still running so I thought that maybe I could find an obvious solution. Three hours and more than three bloodied knuckles later, I called the HVAC pros. Not only had I not fixed the HVAC equipment, I had made things just that much worse by my attempt at HVAC repairs.

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