Excited to use the new printer

For 2 years now, I have been working from home and it has been great. I get to workout every day and have my coffee with my husband before I start working. I also am able to make him dinner which he enjoys because I wasn’t able to do that when I worked in the office. Well, Last month while I was making him dinner, he needed to use my printer to print some documents that he needed to sign, but when he tried to print the documents, he kept getting an error. I have never seen that error on my printer before. In fact, I had used the printer 2 days prior to that, and it was fine. Well, I called the IT guy to see if he could troubleshoot the issue, however he said he needed to have the printer in front of him, so, I drove to work, and when the IT guy worked on the printer, he said that it made no sense to service it. Therefore, he ordered a new printer for me to use. I asked him what kind of printer he got, and he said that it was a better printer than the one I had. In fact, he said that it was a high-end laser, all-in-one inkjet Epson printer, then now, I had no idea what all that meant, however he said that it would print 17 papers per hour. I was so happy because our old printer barely printed 10 papers per hour. Typically, I print immense 150 page reports for our work, so with this new and improved Epson printer, it will speed up the process.



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