Finding a new job

I was recently laid off from the heating & air conditioning company I have been toiling for.

I had been toiling at this heat & a/c company for about 11 years & it was quite a shock when they laid off a bunch of us heating & cooling specialists that had been there for so long! I was entirely mad at first & thought I got a real raw deal so to speak, however but then later I found out that the heating & air conditioning company was sadly getting ready to go out of business, but so then it all made sense to me, then the biggest job was trying to find a new heat & a/c company to labor for.

I did not want to try & go the independent heating & air conditioning contractor way of things because that is never guaranteed that you are going to be successful or even be able to make a living. So I was hunting high & low to find a new heating & air conditioning company to labor for. I finally found one that was looking for new heat & a/c specialists so I applied. I was lucky to find that because of our over a decade of experience with the other heating & air conditioning company they hired myself and others pretty much right on the spot. I was so ecstatic about this & it entirely helped get things back on track. I was distraught for a little bit to be honest, but everything worked out for the best.


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