Finding some peace with zone controlled HVAC

I know that we are going through a specific period of time when it comes to the kids.

This is a fact that I understand and can accept as logical. Yet, I still am just barely dealing with the behavior of my children lately. They are in their early teens and just are mean to each other and border on being disrespectful to my wife and I. We live in such a nice house with quality heating and air and a pool among many other amenities. But the kids are always complaining. And when they’re not complaining, they’re fighting. Finally, my wife and I took a couple of days to discuss real solutions to these problems. We started with moving everyone around. The girls would no longer share a room and there just wouldn’t be a guest room. We moved into our son’s old room and moved him to the end of the house. That helped a great deal with the fighting. We then focused on one of the biggest complaints and that was the thermostat setting. Nobody could agree on the degree of heating and cooling. So we solved that problem with a call placed to the HVAC company. The HVAC professional came out to tweak our HVAC equipment so we could enjoy zone controlled HVAC. There are now five separate HVAC zones in the house so everyone can set there own thermostat. That too was a great move on our part. The house is much more peaceful now. And I happen to really love having the zone controlled HVAC in the house outside of stopping that argument.



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