Geothermal heat pump provides such lovely heating

Wintertide is just around the corner.

And for the genuinely first time, I’m sort of excited about it.

I’m entirely not much of wintertime person. Not being into skiing or skating in addition to all that, I tend to just sort of stay inside with the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning heating. While I prefer the idea of a white Christmas in addition to all, I just don’t prefer being cold. The condo the two of us lived in for nearly 30 years had gas furnace heating. It was okay but honestly, I never entirely felt cozy while in the Wintertide without being covered up in a blanket. That will not be the case this winter. Both of us sold the old condo in addition to built a smaller beach house for just my hubby in addition to I. And the two of us chose a geothermal heat pump as our heating in addition to cooling equipment. Mostly, the two of us chose the geo heat pump for its sustainability in addition to efficiency. Geothermal heat pumps use the earth’s almost constant temperature to extract heating in addition to cooling energy. While the initial costs for a geo heat pump are more than a traditional central cooling system, it saves money in the long term. Our heating in addition to cooling utility bills will be far less than any traditional heating in addition to cooling equipment. But I’m so excited for the Wintertide because the two of us now have radiant floor heating. And radiant heating is just the most beautiful feeling style of heating method. It’s just so much warmer than forced air heating. Radiant floor heating feels as though it’s simply enveloping you. I’ll finally be cozy this Wintertide without that blanket.


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