Getting my drains cleaned yearly

My drains are frequently getting clogged up.

I will admit, I put things down that I shouldn’t.

I am the girl that flushes tampons even though I shouldn’t. I dump grease down my kitchen drain and if my garbage disposal will grind something, it is going down the drain. I even toss other questionable items down the toilet. I have gotten better with that since I had a sewer line repair that was expensive. I made the mistake of flushing the plastic top of a stick of deodorant. Whoops, my bad. Anywho, my normal drains are always in rough shape. I keep a bottle of drain cleaner on hand and fervently pour it down the pipes. I also have a plunger near my toilet and kitchen sink. Anytime water drainage is slow, I then take the plunger for encouragement. I have even bought myself a plumber’s snake. Every now and then I remove the drain cover in the shower and snake down it. I find pounds of hair, soap scum and other icky things. Then I have better drainage. About once a year I actually pay for professional drain cleaning. They are much better than chemicals and a plunger. They have way better tools and get everything in working shape. I feel that it is worth every penny. My plumber always has a little talk with me about proper drain care and what can and can’t go down them. I always promise to be good but I fall into bad drainage habits quite quickly. I know that whatever I put down the drain can be removed at a later date.


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