Going on a interview and hearing the loud vent

I graduated college about a few months ago.

Finding a job is much harder than I thought it was going to be.

A lot of my friends who graduated when I did have been saying the same thing. It seems like the job market for our generation is much more difficult than it was before. This is true because I have read multiple articles from scholarly journals about how hard it is for this generation to find a job. However I have gone on a lot of interviews so far. I haven’t heard back from even half of them. It got a little discouraging at first but then I realized that the job that I applied for must have not been for me. Recently I went on an interview for a job position that I would love to have. I made sure not to get my hopes up on the car ride there. I was greeted by receptionist and she told me that she was going to get ahold of the person that was interviewing me. After five minutes of waiting I was greeted by an older woman who was conducting the interview. She seemed very nice and welcoming. When we were sitting there I couldn’t help but to hear how loud the vent was being. At one point I lost track of what she was saying because I was so focused on the sound. During our interview she apologized for how loud the noise was. She told me that they called their HVAC provider to come in and check the vent to see why it was making such a rukous.


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