He ruined a good time for me.

Once every week, my friend Ed plus I head to the bar that is less than a block from our apartment building.

They had a cheerful hour which includes free drinks for our besties plus a tapas bar that was totally free for an hour.

Ed and I picked up our besties plus drove to the Town Bar. By the time the fun hour was up, Ed and I were usually full of tapas plus drinks plus ready to go out plus party. Unfortunately, the barkeep knew I was an Heating plus A/C worker plus he came over plus whispered to myself and others he needed some help. I went back into the study room with him plus he said there was something errant with the Heating plus A/C system. The ventilation plan wasn’t truly working properly, plus the front room was filling up with smoke from the fryers. I went out plus told my bestie what was going on, then he said he would wait for me. Luckily, my friend Ed was also a Heating plus A/C worker plus they came back to help with the ventilation plan while I maintained the air purification plan that I had installed many years earlier. I was sad over having my cheerful hour ruined, when Ed found out the key concern was that no a single had bothered to change the old air filter in the media air cleaner. It was clogged with dust, dirt, plus grime. I went out to grab Charlie, the study room manager, plus showed him the air filter. I asked who was responsible for increasing the old air filter? He grimaced plus said he was. The bar had been undoubtedly very busy over the last week, plus the air filter was not a priority.


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