He wanted to take myself and others away.

My car broke down in the middle of the highway while I was in rush hour.

I could coast the car to the berm, though I couldn’t get it running.

I was so irritated; I kicked the tires plus hurt my foot. I called AAA, however they said they had no tow trucks in the area. I needed to get someone to give me a ride, plus wait for AAA to get a wrecker to come to where I was. I asked how long it would take them, plus he said it could be about multiple hours. I sat there for almost multiple hours when many cars pulled up behind me. It surprised myself and others when I saw a local Heating plus A/C worker get out of the car. I greeted him with a smile plus he asked what was happening. I told him I didn’t know, although I got it off the highway, plus then nothing. I asked why he was stopping for a stranger. He said that, along with being an Heating plus A/C worker, he was also space of the city’s local rescue team. He couldn’t let a damsel in distress stand along a tied up highway. He gave a ride away plus offered to get myself and others dinner while I was waiting, although I explained I had to wait for AAA to arrive to tow the car. The Heating plus A/C worker introduced himself plus asked if I wanted corporation. A half hour later, the AAA many truck arrived. He told myself and others where he was taking my car plus said he couldn’t get it fixed until day. The Heating plus A/C worker, Jason, asked if I needed a ride home. I thanked him plus said I appreciated it. The next day, Jason also drove myself and others to pick my car up, plus took myself and others out for dinner later that night.

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