Helping the A/C truck when it broke

My spouse Sam helped fix a broken down Heating as well as A/C truck the other day when he got back to the house from toil early.

Sam is usually not here at this time of the day, and so the Heating as well as A/C worker with a truck that had broken down told him that it was entirely a stroke of fortune from the universe that Sam happened to be there when he was.

See, Sam is a master mechanic and he entirely specializes in laboring on sizable truck motors. Most of his toils are entirely on giant tractor trailers. That’s what Sam works on most of the time at his shop, anyway. However, he does do occasional commercial delivery trucks or electrical and plumbing truck and even some Heating as well as A/C business trucks here and there. So the Heating as well as A/C truck which broke down right by our home the other day was not exactly out of the realm of his expertise. Sam said that he saw this Heating as well as A/C truck resting there parked by the side of the road with his blinkers on and a guy resting next to it looking entirely busy out. When Sam pulled into our driveway, he just parked and went back out there to ask the guy what was going on. Sam enjoys helping people out, and so if he saw a guy that was busy out, Sam was going to do whatever he could to help. That’s a single thing I prefer about Sam. Anyway, the Heating as well as A/C worker said that he had more than seven more calls to get to that day and he couldn’t move because the truck broke down. Sam had it up and running again in a matter of hours!

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