His Allergies Were So Bad We Needed HEPA Air Filters

Before I got married, I was able to replace my air filter two to three times per year.

An HVAC professional would remove the dirty air filters during my HVAC tune ups, and I’d occasionally replace an air filter on my own in between appointments.

It wasn’t until I got married that I had to replace it more often. My husband dealt with some pretty serious allergies, so the air in our home had to be pristine. I had always purchased cheap, thin, air filters because I was content with the amount of dirt and pollen they trapped. My husband on the other hand would suffer from allergy attacks frequently due to the extra dust getting through the air filter. This is when we decided to upgrade our air filters to something more durable and thick. After doing some research, we discovered HEPA certified air filters, which were known for trapping airborne illnesses and stopping everything that tried to pass through. HEPA air filters were used in hospitals all around the country, because they were the best at keeping a space clean and free of air irritations. As expected, HEPA air filters were more expensive than the thin air filters I was used to purchasing, but we knew they would make a difference in my husband’s allergies. We’ve been using the HEPA air filters for a month now, and we can already see a difference. There’s no more particles floating around in the air and my husband’s allergies rarely flare up.


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