I busy the tune-up, however nobody showed up to help

I busy a tune-up for our Heating plus A/C unit, however nobody showed up to help.

The appointment was busy for 9 a.m.

on Thursday day. It was our day away from work plus the only day I had during the month for the tune up. The contractor wanted to schedule the repair for Tuesday, although I took the Thursday day appointment instead. I made supper early, so the kitchen was clean plus the house was empty by the time that the Heating plus A/C representative arrived. At 9 am, I didn’t see anyone at the front door. At 10 am, I decided to call the Heating plus A/C Service Center. I told the lady on the PC that I was waiting for a tune-up contractor to arrive. She told myself and others that the appointment was busy for the previous day. She also said that the contractor was there on the previous day plus no a single was home. I told the lady on the PC. There was some type of mix-up, because the appointment was supposed to be busy for Thursday day. There were no contractors available to help plus I had to reschedule the appointment for the following week. I have been waiting plus waiting to get the work done, plus now the hot plus cold temperatures are starting to get cold. I really didn’t want to wait until the middle of the Winter time season to have the work performed, however it looks like that is going to happen. The next day I have available is not until the middle of next month. It will be almost Christmas before the gas furnace is ready.

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