I can finally breath again!

When I was a child, our parents told me and a few others that you never stop reading, that you learn something everyday… Of course, that being said, as a child, I thought since our parents were adults, they knew everything, plus they were just politely saying that to make myself and others guess better, since I was ultimately so confused about a lot of things in this large world.

Well anyways, I found out that when I turned 18, no I didn’t earn all of the world’s knowledge, plus I was just as utterly lost plus confused as when I was a child.

Even today, I find myself reading tons of things that I didn’t guess before, plus it makes sense. Think of all of the topics in the entire world. History, science, math, linguistics, philosophy plus so much more! When I did finally move out of our parent’s home, I started having awful dust and mold sensitivities, or at least what I thought were dust sensitivities. I thought there was clearly something in our beach condo I was allergic to, however when I went to the health practitioner, they said I was in the clear. The dentist advocated I look at what kind of indoor air filters I used. I was confused, HVAC filters? Why would that matter. My nurse told myself and others if I don’t use a wonderful a/c filter, our air could be dirty. He also easily advocated getting an media air cleaner. I took his advice, bought a modern whole beach condo media air cleaner, plus HEPA filters, plus just like that, our respiratory symptoms went away.


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