I can’t deal with my brother most of the time

He said the air quality in my house was so bad, it was killing him slowly

My brother has been an alcoholic for the longest time. He was always great when he was younger. He used to run track and he did well through the years. He even got a scholarship for college, but he ruined it when he started drinking heavily. Now he always has tons of drinks no matter where he is. I can hardly go with him anywhere because he always insists on stopping by the liquor store and picking up as much beer as possible. When he comes over to my house, he is usually always drunk. Well, the last time he was visiting my home, it was really bad. He kept talking trash about everything, including the food I made for us. He also started talking trash about my HVAC system and poor air quality in my house. I didn’t think my air quality was that bad, but he made it seem as though it was the worst thing in the world. He said all the places he went to, if the air quality was so bad he would never go back. He said I was lucky I was his brother. He even ended up calling the police and made a complaint. He said I was harming his health and they asked him to explain further. He said the air quality in my house was so bad, it was killing him slowly. They said that wasn’t a crime to have poor air quality and to only call with an emergency or he would be arrested. But leave it to my brother to do something like that, just to embarrass me!


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