I care about the ice frosty air of an air conditioner

I have a lot of odd traits, plus because of that, some people see me as quirky.

One of the odd traits is how I brush my teeth. My right arm always brushes my right side, plus the left brushes the left. The center is taken care of with both of my arms, plus I switch them frequently. I have this with everything, plus each of my arms have their own task. This is because I am ambidextrous, plus since both hands are equal, they have their own particular tasks. That is just one of my odd traits, I have many more, however the people I was with and I would be here all day if I went into particulars. One of the other things that is kind of odd about me, is that I undoubtedly care about ice frosty air conditioning. Like I guess most people really prefer air conditioning on a enjoyable day, but I really care about it. I will often have the air conditioning running, even on Winter time days. I almost never use my heating system system, because I just prefer the feeling of being cold. Not exactly cold, however close. Then with the cooling plan running, I also have my ceiling fan in my room always running, and my ipad desk fan, plus my bedroom fan as well. All of that icy, breezy frosty air just feels enjoyable against my skin. I have to tone it down a bit whenever I have guests over, because they will complain about the cold un-even temperatures! But as far as I am anxious, there are no cold un-even temperatures in my home, just suppose enjoyable un-even temperatures.
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