I completely forgot about the A/C appointment

I feel so bad, because I accidentally forgot about a heating and air conditioning appointment that I had scheduled today. About a week or so back, my air conditioner started making weird noises, and wasn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to, and since I didn’t want to risk the A/C unit breaking down, I decided to schedule an appointment on a day that I had nothing going on. Anyways, time passed and I completely forgot about the appointment, so when Friday came and my friends asked me to come and hang out with them, I thought it would be a great idea since I had nothing else planned for the entire day. Well, that is except for the HVAC appointment. I was having a good time with my friends in a hot tub with drinks, when I got a text from the HVAC specialist telling me that he arrived at my home. It was then that I remembered the A/C appointment. I had to rush back home, and the A/C specialist, being a saint, waited for me. Most heating and A/C workers would have left, but this guy was nice enough to stay, even though I am sure I accidentally put him behind schedule. I apologized close to 100 times, and thankfully the HVAC worker didn’t seem unhappy, but I still couldn’t help but to feel bad. I even gave him a tip as a final apology, which seemed to make him happier. I think after this entire event, I will have to start writing things down, my memory is not as good as it used to be.


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